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Currently the way many people train or exercise is quite dated. The fact is you are a human and your body is quite an outstanding bit of kit… (even for those of you with injuries, pathologies or disabilities). In layman’s terms there are 3 planes of motion that a human can move in (3 ways of moving): the sagittal plane (forward & backwards/up & down), the frontal plane (side to side) and the transverse plane (rotational movements). Every moving joint in the body has the ability to move in these 3 planes, even hinge joints like the knee or elbow can move slightly in the frontal plane (side to side) and the transverse plane (left and right rotation). Muscles also work in three planes and a lot of skills have subconscious movement as well as conscious movement. Most exercises and gym equipment concentrates on movement in one plane and if an individual doesn’t regularly move in all 3 ways they can become restricted in certain movements and a number of issues can occur such as pain, injury, reduced range of movement, poorer sporting performance and/or slower progress towards fitness goals. All of which contribute to a poorer quality of life and who wants that?

The thing is, your nervous system controls everything, all bodily processes in fact. Things you don’t even know are controlled by this fascinating piece of biology, are. It is the source of all movement and sensations, it reacts to a multitude of stimuli depending on the scenario you’re in: past experiences, your environment, what you see, what you hear, your skill level, what you feel, etc. So an understanding of it and these factors can play a huge part in your training needs and how to get to your goals more quickly and efficiently. Usually, the focus on training is to adhere to form or technique although your nervous system may move you differently, subconsciously to protect or help your conscious motor skill.

We understand movement and what role the nervous system plays. So, with that said, we firstly determine how each individual moves (whether it be over a few sessions or filmed movements), and then give that individual a totally bespoke and personalised training package. Are you interested to see how training in this way can help you? This understanding allows our clients to achieve more: Increase your flexibility without 6 weeks of stretching, overcome pain and injuries quicker, reduce the risk of injury, have more efficient workouts that don’t take all day, mechanically ‘hit’ muscles without increasing injury risk and generally hit movement and fitness goals more quickly.

Even movements that seem so simple that we do daily can involve so many little movements, look at the video to see just how much the body moves in every day tasks and gym based exercises.

[Video here i hope!!!]

From the video it’s evident how much different movement goes on in everyday tasks and exercise. Why not click here and get an improvement in your movement?