There is no doubting that we have some of the industry’s best trainers. Not because we’re the biggest, strongest, or leanest trainers but because we are all up to date on the latest research and techniques in the industry. We don’t rely on opinion or experience but on science and facts. Many therapists and trainers in the industry use techniques that are outdated, not that they don’t mean well or try to help, but there are now much better ways of achieving the end goal. All our trainers are educated through FASTER (Please see their website or our key partners page for more information) and are constantly learning to stay up do date and ahead of the curve. With our knowledge on movement and training we have experience helping people with chronic pain, relearn to walk post accident, come back from injury, achieve greater sporting performance, get rid of diabetes, subdue symptoms of Cerebral palsy and other disorders, even lose weight, increase muscle and get fit.

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After finishing his studies and playing Rugby in France James noticed that times have changed, and so should training. James is one pioneering PT leading the evolution in exercise and injury rehabilitation. It’s a guarantee that you won’t find his movements in a fitness magazine or on the internet. This workout promises to be bespoke and tailored to fit you. James will provide a workout routine that’s far from a routine workout.


Rehabilitation is where Ollie’s particular passions and skills lie. Whether you’ve a niggling issue, a long-term injury or even a medical condition that hinders your movement and skill, Ollie promises improvement. A bit of a character, he infuses his workouts with fun, laughter and enthusiasm. From 18 to 80, Ollie makes friendship and trust a cornerstone of his client relationships. He says there’s no feeling in fitness better than watching you achieve what you didn’t think possible.


Warning. Jay will try to distract you. Not from your workout regime, but from the fact that you’re working out at all. This former ice-hockey player puts the fun into functional training. With Jay you should expect the unexpected, but you can at least be guaranteed a high-energy, task-driven workout that’s continually creative and using the most innovative techniques. If you’re bored of your normal routine or find motivation a struggle, you’ve found your new PT.