Ollie Pearce

Rehabilitation is where Ollie’s particular passions and skills lie. Whether you’ve a niggling issue, a long-term injury or even a medical condition that hinders your movement and skill, Ollie promises improvement. A bit of a character, he infuses his workouts with fun, laughter and enthusiasm. From 18 to 80, Ollie makes friendship and trust a cornerstone of his client relationships. He says there’s no feeling in fitness better than watching you achieve what you didn’t think possible.


  • Course Director
  • FTE
  • SP2RC (Sports Performance & Rehabilitation)
  • Neural Notching
Industry Qualifications
  • Poliquin Biosignature
  • KT tape lvl 1 & 2
  • Gym based boxing
  • Studio Cycling
  • Circuit Training


Katie Hopkins

I have worked with Ollie for nearly 8 years and he has encouraged me and helped me to lose weight. With Ollie’s help and knowledge I have lost over 6 stone and became a much fitter person. The work Ollie does to help people and rehabilitate them is highly commendable and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who requires his specialisms. Ollie makes training sessions engaging and fun, I wouldn’t have stuck with him for 8 years otherwise! Having had major surgery on my stomach when I first started, Ollie was encouraging and took it slowly so I could achieve my goals. After having wrist surgery he adapted my training sessions to compensate for that extremely successfully. All I can say Ollie is thank you, as always for your support, help and encouragement. Now having arthritis diagnosed in my feet, again you cleverly adapt our sessions.
You are the best!

Sally Carmody

Ollie has taken my 27 year old autistic son EC on an incredible 18 month journey from a start point of zero concentration or willingness to participate in a session to today where we have total concentration and a sadness when the session has finished.  EC has complicated special needs and resulting challenging behaviour but by tailoring sessions to EC’s  strengths and interests and making it fun Ollie has not only improved coordination and  general fitness but most importantly has helped grow EC’s confidence both in and out of sessions.  The sessions have helped EC loose 2 stone in weight.

EC with his new found confidence especially in his own ability and worth  will now attempt things that previously would have caused total behavioural meltdown. This has made such a difference to the family who cannot thank Ollie enough for his dedication and refusal to give up.